SideWays Cinema Manifesto

The aim of SideWays Cinema is to supply reviews, to provide a platform for others to express opinion and to encourage debate around film, music and TV.  These goals will grow and expand with the success of the website.

Initially envisaged as a ‘pop-up’ cinema exhibiting your favourite films in a bespoke, tailored environment, SideWays Cinema was founded by film fans and former cinema managers Wayne Parkes and Si Wall as a means to celebrate classic filmsintroduce lesser-known films, and discuss new films with an engaged, like-minded audience away from the hyperbole of the next ‘Universe’, ‘Reimagining’, ‘Reboot’, or ‘Pre/Sequel’. That is not to say that the next superhero instalment will or will not feature on the site, but it will never become our focus. It will never become our passion.


The world of film opinion and review is already an overcrowded place, and SideWays aims to focus on movies old and new- taking in offerings from both the movie theatre and home cinema- to put out honest, reliable reviews. This makes our site a similar proposition to countless others out there. To set us apart, our format will be distinct and our voice relatable, through selecting the best contributors and through never neglecting our vision.

SideWays contributors will have a love for writing and an addiction to movies. Reviews aren’t always read before seeing a film, they’re often read afterwards and agreed or disagreed with. SideWays Cinema is here to encourage healthy debate by providing an open platform for alternate takes that actively challenge the original review. Equilibrium is a principle focus of the site, and we envisage a space where two differing views of the same film are positioned side-by-side. 


SideWays contributors are invited to showcase their writing through film review, and to introduce their film passions in both our regular and feature pieces. To get in touch, contact us through:

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