REVIEWS 4 U: ‘Tomb Raider’

Reviews 4 U: Sentencing Films to a four-sentence review.

Impressively taut and admissibly sinewy, ‘Tomb Raider’ wilfully highlights the dedication – and indeed perspiration – star Alicia Vikander poured into her preparation for the role of video-game icon Lara Croft. With it’s insipid writing and limp direction however, the film itself rarely exhibits such qualities, although mild relief does come in the form of a few loosely engaging set-pieces that suggest on-location action rather than green-screen inertia.

A flashback scene in which our young heroine hones her archery skills by attempting to hit an apple proves particularly uplifting, with Lara missing several times before eventually hitting the mark. Unfortunately though, this blunt arrowhead of a movie misses the apple of it’s audience’s eye entirely, meaning perhaps this particular Tomb should have remained ‘Uncharted’.

‘Misses the apple of it’s audience’s eye entirely’

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